H.264 / 5.1 AAC Test.

This won’t stay up long, so get it while you can… (I don’t have oodles of bandwidth)

I decided to test out encoding a trailer in the new H.264 with 5.1 AAC Audio, turned out pretty good in my opinion.

Download: returnofthekingH264_surround.mov 32mb ( downloads)

Remember: You need Quicktime 7 to play.

Request: If you know of a place I can host this sample video on, please let me know.

Neat info: Apple has H.264 HD samples here.

5.1: If your on a Mac with a 5.1 Audio card, it should play in the proper speakers. Does for me in analog.

7 thoughts on “H.264 / 5.1 AAC Test.

  1. admin Post author

    do a Right Click and save-as on it.

    Torrents are out of the question, since I have no hosting abilities.


  2. admin Post author

    heh, only problem is my upstream sucks, and people also suck at keeping things seeded, and there is not enough demand for this file to warrant it, demand was lower than expected.


  3. david

    Do you have any test clips which are more obvious? I know my analog is working (it does through Winamp) but this clip is not obvious through QT.

    Separately, do you have any items which combine H.264 and aacPlus. In the above clip, HE AAC/aacPlus (at the same quality) would reduce the file size by 3.6MB to roughly 28MB.


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