Jalopy: The Hard Drive

Yesterday I picked up an 80GB HD from CompUSA. While at the checkout I noticed a DVD Burner in the trash can at the register, the cashier seemed like a nice guy, so I asked if I could take it. He said he did not care, so I took it along. I assumed I could use it’s enclosure to put a drive in in the future.

When I got home I cleaned up my desk, then opened up my G5. To find it did not have the same connections as the drive. My G5 has Serial ATA connectors in the bays. The cheap drive has Parallel ATA. So I went ahead and ripped apart the DVD Burner. Found out a CD had exploded in it by the looks of it, had CD-Rom fragments inside.

The connectors were all there to get the HD hooked up, so I connected it, and plugged her into my mac, a dialog poped up to format it, I named it Jalopy and then checked the system profiler and found that it was a USB 2.0 connection!

So I drilled some holes in the side of the metal casing, screwed the drive to the side, and made sure it stayed sill. Closed her up, and now I got a crazy USB2.0 80gb external Hard Drive.

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