Onyxia Raid – June 4th

This was my first raid on Onyxia in retail. Went really well! I went along with Band of the Red Eye after we wiped bad on Majordomo Executus in Molten Core. Good fun, a relatively quick fight, and we did it on the first try.

[Nemesis Skullcap] Dropped. I guess it was the 4th time Band of the Red Eye had it drop. And since I was the only warlock in the raid, they let me have it!

I guess the stats will be nerfed next patch. But might be buffed again once Blackwing Lair opens. Either way, Its a kick ass hat!

It looks just like a hat I saw on an NPC Gnome in Tanaris back at the start of Retail. Always wanted it. Now all of a sudden got it and had no clue it was a Warlock epic.

I’m gonna have to take it easy on WoW this week, been hammering at MC Friday and Saturday night now. Don’t wanna let it get out of control.

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  1. Andrew

    Hey bro,
    Cool to see you took down Onyxia. If you have a chance drop me a line via email, need some help with Word Press 🙂

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