Seventy: The new 60.

70 will be the new 60 in the World of Warcraft expansion. This is according to rumors and leaks, but so much points to it I believe it.

We should also see Bloodelves, new instances, lands, zones, items, graphics, etc.

Blizzcon is at the end of the week, so we will know for sure then :).

4 thoughts on “Seventy: The new 60.

  1. Collin

    I know they’re definitely going to increase the level limit to include some business about Hero Classes but, considering the sheer number of different theories about the newest races, I can’t bring myself to believe anything I hear about that.
    Also, what a cop out that would be for the new race; they’d just slap some new skins on the Night Elves. I’m not sure what the new race(s) will be, but I have several reasons to doubt the Blood Elves.

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