3 thoughts on “Vaelastrasz The Corrupt = Dead

  1. faast

    i dont get it… is WOW kinda like a bunch of ppl showing up into a room and then pressing all the keys on the keyboard at once and hope for a positive outcome?

  2. Heartless

    Pretty much faast 😛

    Well that is unless you have the time to dedicate to an organized guild. If you are casual or for some reason can’t make raid events… WoW’s end game content is unachievable. I have my own thoughts on why, but I’m not willing to share yet.

  3. Jeffrey

    Why? Simple; money. See, folks like OB love to get new purple items. And the only way to get them on a regular basis is to raid with 39 other self minded folks. I’ve finally given up chasing the “dream”… virtual spoils just isn’t my thing I guess. At least not when it’s dictated to me at Blizzard’s snail pace AND I have to pay for the privilege.

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