Brush Fire!

I was sitting here playing WoW today, and started smelling smoke. At first I thought it was my little heater I have in here with me. I got up, and looked around sniffying the air. Then I noticed the smoke outside my window.

For some reason they were burning brush near the fence in the school yard across the street, and kids were lining up to watch. I find it odd that all the people doing the job are wearing masks, but the kids not need them. They even had a guy across the street in front of my house.

5 thoughts on “Brush Fire!

  1. OwlBoy Post author

    haha, never noticed that. They do look like it. Portage does have a Jail, the same one that held jeffrey Dahmer as a matter of fact.


  2. faast

    the fire started after Owl trew out a lit joint out the window…

    officials are investigating…

    they are investigating why anyone would trow out even the smallest amount of grass out the windown of an apartment…

  3. faast

    hey owly… urgent message for you from RAF he said to tell you:

    ‘tell owlboy i said ragnaros down”

    dont know what that means , but sounds mighty kinky!!!!

    (feels sorry for ragnaros) though… anyone with the word “rag” in their name must not be a good standing memeber of society…

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