7 thoughts on “List: Media I am Currently Consuming.

  1. Jeffrey

    Studio 60 is great. The writing is exceptional and I wind up laughing out loud several times through out a show. I’m going to be very disappointed in NBC if they don’t re-up for another season or three.

  2. Tony

    West Wing is what drew me to Studio 60. The odd thing about it is that part of the story line doesn’t even involve the show itself, its about the higher up stuff in the network ie not creating dumb TV and it seems to be “intelligent TV” like the West Wing. I’m also addicted to Lost and Jericho when they come back on next week and the week after.

    And I’m a worthless snow junkie and watch pretty much all of the snowsports TV coverage that there is.

  3. Faasty

    hmm i work for NBC and you list a bunch of our shows… so i expect a $$ contribution as a thnks for entertaining you…

    dude, have you visited the websites?

    lots of stuff to see there when you are bored… or after you get pwnd on WoW…

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