Deer + Car

My car with half of it's grill busted out

So last night, I went out with Tim to Madison, to the Ale Asylum to see Hal. This was instigated at about 8:30 by tim on chat:

8:29:08 PM Tim Carney: poke
8:29:08 PM Tim Carney: poke
8:29:09 PM Tim Carney: p;elk
8:29:09 PM Tim Carney: pokee
8:29:09 PM Tim Carney: epoke
8:29:09 PM Tim Carney: epoke
8:29:09 PM Tim Carney: depokje
8:29:09 PM Tim Carney: ?de;ked
8:29:10 PM Tim Carney: [ke,
8:29:10 PM Tim Carney: opme
8:29:10 PM Tim Carney: poe
8:29:10 PM Tim Carney: pkdeoj;lsa ;i
8:29:10 PM Tim Carney: [‘
8:29:10 PM Tim Carney: pjwe’
8:29:15 PM Tim Carney: Poike
8:29:17 PM Tim Carney: poke
8:29:18 PM Tim Carney: pke
8:29:22 PM Tim Carney: pkep;okep;epojke
8:29:24 PM Tim Carney: poke
8:29:24 PM Tim Carney: pkoe
8:29:25 PM Tim Carney: poe
8:29:25 PM Tim Carney: p;e
8:29:27 PM Tim Carney: pjoepoje
8:29:29 PM Tim Carney: epoke
8:32:43 PM Bryan Bortz: hello
8:33:15 PM Tim Carney: hey wanna go drinkin

He seemed kind of excited. I had not been able to go hang out with him on his birthday that weekend prior. Hal would surely be in town for a limited time, so I agreed. We went after I woke up my mom to tell her I was going, and then found out my car was parked in by hers. She was not too hot on me going out. She got up and moved her car. After cleaning off all the collected snow on my little-used car, I went to get Tim and we headed off for Madison.

It was kinda fun. I liked the place, and the 2 guys Hal was with, one being her boyfriend, were interesting people, to say the least. We hung out for a few hours talking about people, computers, school, my eye, and comedy. Tim ended up kissing at least 2 of the 3 people there, I’ll leave it up to you to guess who.

So around 1:30 we headed home. And we were talking about things and people. Was a great conversation. Though right around 2 we were past Poynette on HWY 51 and saw a deer on the side of the road, facing away. I did not slow down a whole lot, because he did not look like he would go on the road. So we cept going along. Tim was asking me if I remembered the last time we saw a deer like that, and was telling me how when we went to Jason’s for an XBox party one time, we saw a deer, and saw a second deer down the road from it.

At this point due to the talk about deer, and the one we saw, I was down to about 45mph or so. And just as he got to the part of the story where he reminded me we saw another deer later on down the road. Another one is there on the side, and starts running across. I slam the brakes, and we slide into it. Tim figures we were around 10mph when we slamed into it square in the center of the front end of my car. Though I think it might have been closer to 20mph. It stumbles and crawls/hobbles to the side of the road, and I move along a bit and pull off to the side of the road. At this point another car passes us slowly and goes on. And for what-ever reason I decide we are not far enough off the road for it being night etc. So I pull off the side a bit more. A bit too much more actually, and I realize this and start trying to go back closer to the road. Try to back up. But each time I just slide down a bit more into the ditch. I never had it in the ditch, just teetering on the edge with the front right wheel supported by deep snow, and the back left barely on the ground. So now I am stuck.

A close-up of the logo on the grille of my car. It is busted too.
So not the deer, or anyone getting hurt, just my stupidity causes me to have to call someone for help. I just got a new phone, and in my worry I did not remember my dad’s cell number, nor did I have it in the phone. So I called my brother Chris hoping he would still be up from being at work. He ends up answering and deciding to come out and help. He would call dad and pick him up and come get us. Mind you he is about 30 mins away from us, with my house and my dad being somewhere in the middle. My dad calls, asks what happened, etc. I tell him and explain the situation and my stupidness. And as I am on the phone, someone pulls up in an SUV, so I tell him this and hang up to talk to the person.

This guy, this really fucking great guy, gets out and asks if we are stuck and need some help. We say yes, and he proceeds to get chains out of the back of his vehicle and gets on the ground in the snow, wraps em around my front left wheel and attaches them to the front of his SUV. He tells us to accelerate when he backs up, and without making sure we understood what he ment, hopped in his car and proceeds to pull us out like nothing. Off come the chains, he says”you’re welcome” and I am dumbfounded at how fast and helpful this person is. Tim gives him what little cash he has left from the night ($4) and sadly I have nothing to offer. And he shakes our hands and leaves as fast as he showed up.

I can’t tell you how happy I am he was able to help like that. And how amazed I am at how selfless he was in doing it. Thanks dude!

So now I can call my dad, let him know we are out and on our way home. Chris is at my house at this point, so I save them the hassle of coming to get us. Waking them all up was bad enough. Once we get home, I see my mom is up too. And now its full circle on the whole insisting to go out at the last minute that night, and mom not wanting me to. So I felt really sheepish.

In the end, Tim and I were fine, my car just has the plastic grille on the front busted up. It appears nothing but superficial damage happened. All my lights work etc. It would have been a bump and then a move along had I not got my self stuck.

A close-up of my car's OwlBoy license plate.

I must also note that I had 1 pint of Lemonade, and 1 pint of beer. Tim had 2 pints of beer. This was mainly due to the cost, and partly due to neither of us being into beer all that much. So this was not at influenced by alcohol other than the reason we were out so late.