Plaxo is Eating Safari’s Cookies

Ok, for the past many months I have been having an issue with Safari losing all of it’s cookies randomly. The Cookies.plist file would go empty thus losing all my logins for websites. I was not able to figure out what was eating Safari’s cookies until just recently.

There never seemed to be a pattern to what was causing it. Not a specific site. Nothing l could seemingly track and reproduce. I always had a feeling it was caused by Mac OS X 10.5. The issue also appeared to be separate from a recent cookie issue that was fixed. But I might have found the real reason.


The desktop software Plaxo provides to sync the Mac OS X Addressbook appears to set tracking cookies in the Cookies.plist. It does this without even visiting the site. And it seems to have a habbit of destroying the Cookies.plist when it tries to update sometimes. This might be due to not using the Cookies.plist API, or it might conflict with an update from a website happening at the same time, thus nuking the file.

Either way, for the longest time my cookies would disappear multiple times a day. But now after removing the Plaxo software (partly a seemingly evil input manager) no more cookie destruction. If you have Cookies disappearing, and Plaxo for Mac installed. Do an uninstall of Plaxo and see if your problem goes away.

4 thoughts on “Plaxo is Eating Safari’s Cookies

  1. TaskBoy

    My cookies have been disappearing each session when I quit Safari. I don’t have Plaxo nor have I visited it. I saw on another blog that unspecific sites may trigger this behavior and for no apparent reason. I did an Apple update a week or so ago but not sure if that had anything to do with it. I’m, on a 2.66 Mac Pro Workstation with 10.4.11 and Safari Version 3.1.2 (4525.22).

  2. TaskBoy

    WTF! My cookies are all working now. They were cleared out but once I log-in now they’re retained. Freaky–I didn’t do anything to remedy.

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