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About my blog, or others.

Comments approved…

I have approved all the comments posted since I upgraded wordpress. Seems authorization was turned on (or added) in the upgrade.

For now it won’t need approval, if I get spam I will have to switch it back.

Comment away! I love comments, and was getting sad I never had any, till I found 8 in the queue. 🙂

WordPress Rocks!

Once I figured out how to set up my first SQL database (yay me), getting WordPress to run was painless. It’s a simple solution that works very well. And it seems a real system of my own on my own server will be quite fun. (Though I always hear of SQL crashes/corruption hmmm maybe I will be lucky.)

I will work to not have this turn into one of the millions (!) of dead blogs out there, I hope to stuff it with lots of tiny things, and to help me express things without worrying about what others think – – I want this to be a blog that contains anything I even considered putting in it, and not worry about what someone who happens to find the site thinks.

I need to work on writing too, I’m not too good at the whole “communication” thing. Much of what I write is rambling :).