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Video Log

Bat Hunting at 4:00am

I was reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince last night, and noticed my cat jumping around on the table. Then I noticed the bat… So I went and got my video camera…

Make sure you right click and do a save as to download these videos.
You will find your self waiting for the whole thing to load before being able to view it other wise.

Video: Bat Hunting Large(Right Click; Save As)
Format: H.264/AAC (Quicktime 7) 640×356 Time: 3:49 File Size: 27.68mb

Video: Bat Hunting Small(Right Click; Save As)
Format: H.264/AAC (Quicktime 7) 331×185 Time: 3:49 File Size: 7.06mb

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Videos From: My Trip to Cedar Point

The Digital camera I had with me (my brother’s Kodak CX6230) was able to take small videos, and since I had a large memory card stuffed in it, I took some.

I then re-compressed them smaller, and have posted them here:

Videos Require Quicktime 6+ or equivalent mp4 player to play

Video: Lucky_Mart.mp4 1.59mb
Going into the gas station ‘Lucky Mart’

Video: wicked_twister.mp4 1.57mb
Tim and Mike riding ‘Wicked Twister’

Video: top_thrill_dragster.mp4 1.28mb
Top Thrill Dragster running

Video: paying_a_toll.mp4 1.62mb
Paying a toll

Video: paying_another_toll.mp4 1.60mb
Paying another toll, and the 2 we went thoguh that were computerized (ipass) when we did not have an ipass.

Video: though_chicago.mp4 1.68mb
Going past Chicago during rush hour

Video: traffic_at_night.mp4 1.44mb
Traffic at night on the way home