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UWHC Eye Pathology Report



The patient is a 31-year-old man with a history of right eye congenital
cataract with subsequent surgery at few months of age. His vision did not
improve; he had light perception only in the right eye. During late teens he
noted a small bump superiorly, was told this was a staphyloma and that his
right eye intraocular pressure was elevated. He was started on eyedrops
which he took inconsistently due to insurance issues. He described complete
loss of vision in early 2000’s. In 2006 his eye started becoming more
prominent with gradual progression since that time. He has had chronic pain
over past eight years worst at the end of the day. On 2008 he had laser
treatment for glaucoma. He was recently restarted on glaucoma drops:
Alphagan, Travatan and Ketorolac using them only for discomfort. He
underwent right eye enucleation with placement of Medpor sphere implant,
reattachment of muscles and suture tarsorrhaphy closure on June 19, 2015.


The specimen consisted of one right eye globe which measured 30 mm x 25 mm x
30 mm antero-posterior, horizontal and vertical respectively. The optic
nerve measured 10 mm in length. The cornea was opaque and measured 12 mm x
12 mm. The pupil was distorted and measured 5 mm. The iris was green and
irregular with an apparent tear. The eye transilluminated light well,
increased at area where the staphyloma was present. No extrascleral
extention was seen. The sectioning of the globe was done in the vertical
plane. The anterior chamber was deep. The ciliary body was abnormal,
displaced anteriorly. The lens was absent. The vitreous was clear with a
gelatinous consistency. The retina and choroid were unremarkable. The sclera
was thinned in some areas with a staphyloma in the superonasal quadrant. The
optic cup was enlarged. The specimen was received in formalin, two calottes
removed and the pupil-optic nerve section was submitted for histologic
process. All portions were labeled with the patient’s name and medical
record number.


Eleven H&E and one PAS stained slides are examined. The slides reveal an
enlarged globe. The corneal epithelium and bowman’s layer are present. There
is subepithelial and superficial stroma neovascularization. The Descemet’s
membrane is intact. The corneal endothelium is attenuated. The anterior
chamber is deep and an entropion uvea is present with a subsequent secondary
angle closure. A Morgagni cataract with mineralization is present. There is
a break present in the lens capsule. The ciliary body is atrophic. The
retina is atrophied with diminished outer nuclei layer, bipolar cell layer
and loss of the ganglion cell layer. There are areas of chorioretinal
scarring consistent with previous laser treatment. The choroid shows
thinning. The sclera is markedly thinned with folding and an atrophic uveal
lining is present. There is marked atrophy of the optic nerve with increased
cupping. PAS stain confirms the above findings.


  1. Right painful blind eye by history
  2. Eye with massive staphyloma, atrophy and disorganization
  3. Interstitial keratitis
  4. Entropion uvea
  5. Morgagni cataract
  6. Secondary angle closure glaucoma
  7. Retinal and optic atrophy
  8. Marked scleral thinning with staphyloma


As the staff pathologist, I have personally examined all slides and relevant
information about this case and have discussed them and arrived at the
diagnosis that is recorded in my report.

Daniel Albert, MD
Staff Pathologist
Electronically signed Jul 02, 2015 12:12 PM

Caustic & Null Device at the Wisconsin Union – July 6, 2011

Caustic and Null Device playing at the Wisconsin Union on the UW Campus in Madison, WI on July 6th, 2011. It was a free show on an open air stage right on lake Mendota.

Caustic666 On The Crucifix
Null DeviceTriangular

I shot and edited this as practice to learn and get better at DSLR Video. I hope future ones are even better now that I have some direct experience.

Commuter Friendships

Obligatory “long time no update” sentence. So that last post I made was done after visiting Hal up in Minnesota. I decided to go up and visit one week in early august. Spent some money on gas and headed up. Saw some cool open mic stuff at a bar, saw the majority of Black Adder and went tubing on a river. Oh, and saw the coolest junk/parts shop ever.

Also that month I went to three different weddings. First up was Tony’s, it was at Devils Head and was the first wedding of a friend my age I had ever attended. I ended up recording the audio for the wedding ceremony to put it with the video. It turned out pretty well.

Tony had Swing Crew at his wedding, and it was epic. I had a lot of fun, drank a bit too much, and ended the night in a really crazy way. Ask me in person if you wanna hear details. Safe to say I was “that guy” that wedding.

Next up was Abby’s wedding. This one I was filming. So I set up cameras and filmed the ceremony, speeches etc. I am totally failing at getting the video finished though (sorry Abby! I swear it will be done soon!). That one was fun too, saw people from MATC for the first time in a long time. Got to meet some new people, and sleep in an awkward hotel room. Less craziness, but still some interesting stuff.

Last but not least was Darryl and Leda’s wedding. For this one I found out at Tony’s wedding that I was going to be in it. This was the first wedding that I was not an usher or ring bear in, and it turned out to be a lot of fun. I don’t think I ever have stood so still while sweating so much as during that ceremony. Met some new people, and some I had again not seen in awhile. Ended up participating in the making of a nasty mountain of pizza in Darryl’s fridge. I also saw Lake Michigan for the first time too.

In September with the help of Bess I was able to get a new job at a UW Extension that makes online courses. This job is in addition to my other two (Budget Bicycle Center and Iron Skillet) so no full time benefits or anything, but it is a start. I am dropping Iron Skillet down though. I work nearly full time at the other two jobs now and don’t really want to give up my weekends no more. Meh.

I also went to Wo Zah Wah in the Dells and hung out with Tony and some other people. I am really noting a pattern in how might nights end though. I need to stop bringing electronic devices with me.

Despite anything you might have read on twitter, I am making progress in sorting out my life. I just need to keep at it, and try to practice the advice I get.

I am noticing I seem to have commuter friendships. I drive long distances just to hang out, or to attend things. Thats just how I roll I guess. So if you ever need to talk or hang out, but I am 30 mins or so away, give me a call anyway. The ole Oldsmobile is up for it.

Witty Title About Not Updating for a Long Time

So things have been progressing in my life. Some faster than others. But things really seem to be looking up. My job at the bike shop as a web/tech guy is going good, and I am still working at the Iron Skillet a bit too. Been stopping out at the Blarney on mondays to hang out with friends. Thats leading to some interesting things!

So yeah, I’m still alive and at the moment doing pretty well. I just need to keep looking at he positive sides of things, or something like that :D. Oh, and save up money so I can get out in the world!

New Blog Theme!

Just finished installing the new theme I designed for my blog! I think it turned out pretty neat. I like it more than any previous one I have done to date!

In other news, I am currently a cashier at the Petro Iron Skillet. Mah dogs are killin me! But hey, a job is a job they say. And I got one. Now to search for one in my field!


Well, you are in for a shock next time you see me. I no longer have a beard. Lets get the reactions I had at first out of the way.

My reactions to my de-bearding:

  • Whoa my chin is gone!
  • Whoa I need a haircut too!
  • Whoa I don’t recognize my self!
  • Whoa my face feels funny!
  • Whoa, was this a good idea?
  • Whoa! People are going to freak when they see me!
  • Hmm, I look less manly. Like I needed that…

So I have had a goatee since mid High School.I had full a beard since before the summer of 2005. All the people I have met and know me from MATC in Visual Communications have known me as a bearded fellow. That is a weird concept, and part of why I did not shave, people liked me when I had a beard (not because, just concurrently.) So obviously the beard was not that weird on me.

I never really had a very thick beard on the sides, so it never looked all that great. I get the impression it was not very attractive, and that it was not very professional. I need a haircut to match now. I need a haircut ASAP, maybe shaving it off in the early hours of Christmas was not the best idea. 🙂

And no pictures, It will be fun for the next few months too see peoples reactions. (or down right scary) (Maybe it will come back, or the goatee, Time will tell.) (Wiggling my chin in front of the mirror is like an out of body experience.)