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Caustic & Null Device at the Wisconsin Union – July 6, 2011

Caustic and Null Device playing at the Wisconsin Union on the UW Campus in Madison, WI on July 6th, 2011. It was a free show on an open air stage right on lake Mendota.

Caustic666 On The Crucifix
Null DeviceTriangular

I shot and edited this as practice to learn and get better at DSLR Video. I hope future ones are even better now that I have some direct experience.

Commuter Friendships

Obligatory “long time no update” sentence. So that last post I made was done after visiting Hal up in Minnesota. I decided to go up and visit one week in early august. Spent some money on gas and headed up. Saw some cool open mic stuff at a bar, saw the majority of Black Adder and went tubing on a river. Oh, and saw the coolest junk/parts shop ever.

Also that month I went to three different weddings. First up was Tony’s, it was at Devils Head and was the first wedding of a friend my age I had ever attended. I ended up recording the audio for the wedding ceremony to put it with the video. It turned out pretty well.

Tony had Swing Crew at his wedding, and it was epic. I had a lot of fun, drank a bit too much, and ended the night in a really crazy way. Ask me in person if you wanna hear details. Safe to say I was “that guy” that wedding.

Next up was Abby’s wedding. This one I was filming. So I set up cameras and filmed the ceremony, speeches etc. I am totally failing at getting the video finished though (sorry Abby! I swear it will be done soon!). That one was fun too, saw people from MATC for the first time in a long time. Got to meet some new people, and sleep in an awkward hotel room. Less craziness, but still some interesting stuff.

Last but not least was Darryl and Leda’s wedding. For this one I found out at Tony’s wedding that I was going to be in it. This was the first wedding that I was not an usher or ring bear in, and it turned out to be a lot of fun. I don’t think I ever have stood so still while sweating so much as during that ceremony. Met some new people, and some I had again not seen in awhile. Ended up participating in the making of a nasty mountain of pizza in Darryl’s fridge. I also saw Lake Michigan for the first time too.

In September with the help of Bess I was able to get a new job at a UW Extension that makes online courses. This job is in addition to my other two (Budget Bicycle Center and Iron Skillet) so no full time benefits or anything, but it is a start. I am dropping Iron Skillet down though. I work nearly full time at the other two jobs now and don’t really want to give up my weekends no more. Meh.

I also went to Wo Zah Wah in the Dells and hung out with Tony and some other people. I am really noting a pattern in how might nights end though. I need to stop bringing electronic devices with me.

Despite anything you might have read on twitter, I am making progress in sorting out my life. I just need to keep at it, and try to practice the advice I get.

I am noticing I seem to have commuter friendships. I drive long distances just to hang out, or to attend things. Thats just how I roll I guess. So if you ever need to talk or hang out, but I am 30 mins or so away, give me a call anyway. The ole Oldsmobile is up for it.

Mechanical Turking for Amazon’s iPhone app

So a few days ago I saw a link to the HITs for the photo based product search in Amazon’s new iPhone app. And decided it might be fun to do some. And amazon was paying 10¢ a pop, so I thought it might be worth seeing how easy it was. I quickly started seeing patterns on what people were using to app to find many of them were obviously taken at the office and at their desk because trends appeared quickly.

Below is a list of some of the things I saw come up often and some notes about them.

For the watches, I was only able to find an exact match once. And for the coffee cups, never. I found every book someone took a photo of though. Only two photos appeared to come from inside a store.

Item # Notes
Phones 12 Three of them were Blackberries three were iPhones or iPhone boxes and 3 office phones
Watches 10 I was only able to identify one of them
Figurine / Toy 9 Was able to identify about three of them exactly
Mugs, Cups or Glasses 8 Not able to match any
Computers 8 Four were Mac Four were PC. All but one were laptops, the other was an old G4
Books 7 Was able to find them all
Appliances 6
Headphones 6
Candy 5
Water 4
Hard Drive 4 One WD, Two Lacie One Maxtor
Widget 4 Adapters, connectors, etc. was only able to find one audio connector
Household Supplies 3 Lysol, Cleaners, etc
Lotion or Soap 3
Monitors 3
Mouse 3 One Apple, Two Microsoft
Printer 3
Router/Switch 3 Two routers and one switch
Shoes 3
Coke 2 Regular and Coke Zero
Keyboard 2 HP and Logitec
Lamp 2
Other drinks 2 I think they were wine
Posters 2 Was not able to match either
Powertools 2 matched both
Speakers 2 Matched One
Sunglasses 2 No matches
Supliments 2
TV 2 Both HDTV
Video Game Accesories 2 Controller and Memory Card
Water Bottles 2 Found both
Bluetooth Headsets 1
Calculator 1
CDs 1 Portishead – Third
Chairs 1
Clocks 1
Clothing 1 Winter hat
Decoration 1
DVDs 1 It was the closeup of the back of one.
Fan 1
Food 1 Bananas (Amazon only had things made from bananas)
Jewelry 1 A blurry ring
Kleenex 1
Magnets 1
Mailbox 1 A blue Mailbox! It would be illegal for Amazon to sell one!
Memory Card Reader 1
Micrometer 1 Digital
Person 1 It was actually their tie, you could not see their face
Playing Cards 1
Scooter 1
Sculptures 1
Software 1 A Garageband Jam Pack
Stocking 1
Sun 1
Video Cameras 1
Video Games 1 Guitar Hero On Tour
Walkie Talkies 1
iPod Touch Screenshots 1

Burger, Burger, Burger, Burger, pickle! pickle!

Today MATC had an event where the different progams show what they are about to students from highschool who are learning about their options for college. I helped out at the ViComm booth, and sat and drew in Illustrator with a monitor mirroring what I was doing faceing the people coming around to check out the booths. I drew these live in front of people:


duck in landscape

I got quite a few watchers at times. It was cool.

Ambulance – For School/Work

Illustration for Ceedle Ambu lance.

I am working on an interactive teaching tool for Medical Rescue students at MATC with Sam. This is the first thing I have done for it, and it took about 2 hours. This project will involve all kinds of such Illustrations and I think we might have to sacrifice quality for time (and sanity).

Time, Money, and Quality. Always fighting each other.

Been working.

Still working at SVA, not been too creatively motivated after work when doing it for 8 hours during the day. Quite a lack of updates here.

I will be starting school the last week of August and am looking forward to that greatly.

I had a small severe bout of depression this Monday, I woke up from a dream that made me feel so lonely and depressed I did not have the energy to even get out of bed. I know when it is plainly written like that, it seems impossible to feel that shitty, but it is. Hopelessness is quite heavy. Because of this I missed 2 days of work. The good news is I am feeling much better, and my boss was quite understanding about it. Along with my co-workers. Marcomm dept ftw.

In other matters

Sheep in the Big city is so damn punny.
Halo 3 will be amazing.
Heat sucks.

Week One Down…

My first week at SVA (Suby, Von Haden & Associates) finished last week! I am an intern in the Marketing dept. If you look at their website you can see what kind of stuff they do. And they do a lot.

We do internal items for people in the company, lots of invitations to events. And corporate collateral. So far I am getting my bearings and getting a feel for how things work and what I am doing. And as of now, it seems like I am going to like doing this for the summer.

Thanks go to all who helped me get this Internship!

Swinging Through the Summer

I have been having fun the past few weeks. Last week after a trip to Madison with Tim we went to The Show Boat with Tony to see Swing Crew. They are a drinking band from here in Wisconsin, and they play every tuesday during the summer at The Show Boat in Wisconsin Dells. Tim liked them so much he decided to come along to see them during Canal Days on Friday. At one point we got him to go up on stage with them to do a song. He played the Belly Bongo during the song “My Ding-a-ling“. We went and saw them this past Tuesday too, and plan to next Tuesday!

Tim getting the Belly Bongo put on.

Click to see more!

In other news, I have a job! It is a full time job working in the in-house design team of SVA. I will be mostly doing production work, and a little designing. I think it will be a great opportunity for me to get into the industry and see what it can be like. I start on June 11th. Time to get my sleep schedule fixed! 🙂

In really old events…

I never made a post about the Party my teacher Emmalee had at the end of school for the ViComm students. It was tons’o fun. I learned I like Hummuse and Chunky Guacamole, at least the kinds Emmalee makes. The stuff in the Wikipedia link looks nothing like what she had there.

Afterword I went and hung out with some of the ViComm peeps. That was a blast. Though I now know Fleischman’s can give you a nasty head-ache the next day. I need to find a time to hang out with em again :). Also can’t wait for game night at Emmalee’s.