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3D Modeling Basics

This semester I have a 3D modeling class. So far we are on the basics, and most are struggling with the whole 3D space thing. Where as I taught my self some 3D with Maya PLE, and I am just struggling with the shitty 3D modeler called “Strata 3D

I have managed to get some ok looking basic stuff to come out of it though. Here is a peanut butter jar.


Vamp Bag Bank Loan

This guy was made for a group project at school. Someone came up with the crazy idea about a vampire bag puppet going to the bank to get a loan to open his own blood bank.

Done in about 20-25 mins. In class. They seemed to really like it.

Been working.

Still working at SVA, not been too creatively motivated after work when doing it for 8 hours during the day. Quite a lack of updates here.

I will be starting school the last week of August and am looking forward to that greatly.

I had a small severe bout of depression this Monday, I woke up from a dream that made me feel so lonely and depressed I did not have the energy to even get out of bed. I know when it is plainly written like that, it seems impossible to feel that shitty, but it is. Hopelessness is quite heavy. Because of this I missed 2 days of work. The good news is I am feeling much better, and my boss was quite understanding about it. Along with my co-workers. Marcomm dept ftw.

In other matters

Sheep in the Big city is so damn punny.
Halo 3 will be amazing.
Heat sucks.

Warrior World has a New Home

I have re-designed the Warrior World information page I had created, and made it more presentable. It will also eventually have videos of each episode I have posted too. Currently it only has a hand full. I have been playing with this off and on for awhile now, and over the past 2 days I managed to get things rolling a bit better on it. I can’t guarantee and speedy updates to the site, but I expect to get it updated when I can.

Link: Warrior World

National Guard – Bought with What.

The other day I was in the cafeteria eatin some lunch and a guy walks up to me and asks if I download music. I stutter some kind of response and he hands me a card and says I can download 10 songs from iTunes with it. Its a card promoting the National Guard. Yeah, giving me free songs really helps me warm up to the idea of going to Iraq. Not.

Anyway, here are the songs I got. I know you have prolly not heard of any of them, and actually I have not either. I found them via the “what others bought” relating to my new favorite group “Soulwax“.

1 Boys Wanna Be Her (Tommy Sunshine’s Brooklyn Fire Retouch) – Peaches
2 My My My (StoneBridge Remix) – Armand Van Helden
3 Wouldn’t It Be Good? – Soulwax
4 Seventeen Years – Ratatat
5 Wildcat – Ratatat
6 Something to Lose (Cedric Gervais Remix)– Creamer & K featuring Nadi Ali & Rosco
7 Take Me Into Your Skin – Trentemøller
8 Feel It – DJ Rap
9 Miss Alissa – Eagles Of Death Metal
10 It’s for You – Out Hud