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Cracking toast Gromit!

Looks like Wallace and Gromit really are coming to the Big screen! I love the short films they were in from Aardman. I also enjoyed Chicken Run. I heard rumors it would happen a long time ago. And now the trailer for it is up on

Wallace: Gromit, that’s it! Cheese! We’ll go somewhere where there’s cheese!

[Looks at “Cheese Holidays” magazine, then out window]

Wallace: Everybody knows the moon is made of cheese…

Link: Wallace and Gromit – The Curse of the Ware-Rabbit

Fiddler on The Roof (1971)

The other night after watching Family Guy and American Dad on FOX I switched over to PBS… And to be truthful, the fact that a widescreen movie was playing attracted by eye, so I watched a bit, liked what I was seeing and checked what was on. Ends up being Fiddler on the Roof from 1971. I have heard of this play before, but never saw it my self. I also noticed it was 3 hours long, so I thought I would watch a bit before heading to bed.

I ended up watching the whole thing. I loved it. Topol was amazing playing Tevye. The music was catchy and fun. And it had a story I found interesting. It also had a lot of humor that I thought was great, and held up so well despite the movie being over 30 years old. I also enjoyed the cinematography, it had a unique style.

I highly recommend it if you have never seen the movie or play, or just the play.

H.264 / 5.1 AAC Test.

This won’t stay up long, so get it while you can… (I don’t have oodles of bandwidth)

I decided to test out encoding a trailer in the new H.264 with 5.1 AAC Audio, turned out pretty good in my opinion.

Download: 32mb ( downloads)

Remember: You need Quicktime 7 to play.

Request: If you know of a place I can host this sample video on, please let me know.

Neat info: Apple has H.264 HD samples here.

5.1: If your on a Mac with a 5.1 Audio card, it should play in the proper speakers. Does for me in analog.


Instead of playing World of Warcraft tonight I decided to watch the movie Collateral. It’s a uniquie action movie in my opinion, and Tom Cruise is bad ass in it. That said, I think its more of a fun movie to see once, and enjoy. But not something to expect amazing things from.