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RSS feed of your Xbox 360 Achievements.

yahoo pipe layoutThis Yahoo! Pipes pipe will look at the rss feed for your gamertag from and spit out just the entries where achievements occoured. And it will filter out weekly recaps. This is not an original idea, but it worked out well. And I set up the pipe to accept easy input of your gamertag to use. It is good for places on your own site where you want to bring in a feed of your XBox 360 achievements.

It requires that you are registered with

Link: Pipes: 360voice Achievements Only

Attack of the 30 Foot Salsa Jar

Here is another new video I made for Video Production today.

This time the objective was to create “an exciting movie trailer from very boring video footage.” And very boring it was. I think it turned out kind of ok. There are still things I wish I could have done to it, but due to time, and the fact I was using iMovie HD 6 I did not get to them.

The video was edited in iMovie HD 6. The music was made in Grageband, and the sound effects came from a website that escapes my memory right now. The title slides were made in Photoshop. All done between 4:30am and 7:30am. It is also a bit short too. It was sposto be at least 1 min long.

IE Sucks.

The Horror banner For
I just spent an hour playing with CSS to fix the layout on to look right in IE 5.5 and 6.0. It don’t even look like it does in Firefox and Safari. It is just slightly off, and now useable. Designing for multiple browsers should not be an issue too, since there are strict standards.

Browsers like Safari, and Firefox strive to follow them to the letter. While Microsoft seems to care less when it comes to IE. Internet Explorer 7 seems to getting things better though. At least is does transparent PNG files properly. Now if only it was easy to get everyone to upgrade to it.

I started working on this because I popped onto the forums and saw that there were some crazy errors and layout issues regarding the theme. Turns out the host Emmalee is using finally got around to moving us to a new server like he said he would about 2 months ago. Seems it does what he promised though, finally have access to write privileges on the server and it seems a bit faster. And the fix to the theme was just telling it where things were on the new server. It Coulda been worse. He could have nuked our databases.

Once I fixed the issues I decided it was time to fix the errors I saw when the site was used in IE 6. I saw these for the first time when Emmalee was showing the site to some people telling them I made it etc. It was rather frustrating to find out since I had the site looking fine in both Firefox and Safari, and people had told me it looked fine in Internet Explorer.

Well, enough of this rant, I should go to sleep. Seems most of my blog posts are always made at night, when I should be sleeping.

Phishing PSA

Here is a PSA I made for Video Production. The goal of the project was to make a 60 second spot that was a PSA advocating a call to action on a chosen subject. I picked phishing because I thought it was a new and fresh topic that would be unique, and I knew pretty much how to explain it. This also gave me a chance to work with Motion for the first time. Let me know if you learned anything from it in the comments of this post, or the video’s YouTube page.

Fluffyfur’s Voyage

This is an animation I made for 3D class. Our goal was to create an animation with a character as the focus. Along with use multiple angles to be edited together in another program, such as Final Cut Pro. The sounds were not a requirement, but added a lot to the video, and make it more effective.

This was created in Strata 3D. Though I do not, at all, recomend anyone use it.