New Blog Theme!

Just finished installing the new theme I designed for my blog! I think it turned out pretty neat. I like it more than any previous one I have done to date!

In other news, I am currently a cashier at the Petro Iron Skillet. Mah dogs are killin me! But hey, a job is a job they say. And I got one. Now to search for one in my field!


Well, you are in for a shock next time you see me. I no longer have a beard. Lets get the reactions I had at first out of the way.

My reactions to my de-bearding:

  • Whoa my chin is gone!
  • Whoa I need a haircut too!
  • Whoa I don’t recognize my self!
  • Whoa my face feels funny!
  • Whoa, was this a good idea?
  • Whoa! People are going to freak when they see me!
  • Hmm, I look less manly. Like I needed that…

So I have had a goatee since mid High School.I had full a beard since before the summer of 2005. All the people I have met and know me from MATC in Visual Communications have known me as a bearded fellow. That is a weird concept, and part of why I did not shave, people liked me when I had a beard (not because, just concurrently.) So obviously the beard was not that weird on me.

I never really had a very thick beard on the sides, so it never looked all that great. I get the impression it was not very attractive, and that it was not very professional. I need a haircut to match now. I need a haircut ASAP, maybe shaving it off in the early hours of Christmas was not the best idea. 🙂

And no pictures, It will be fun for the next few months too see peoples reactions. (or down right scary) (Maybe it will come back, or the goatee, Time will tell.) (Wiggling my chin in front of the mirror is like an out of body experience.)


Mechanical Turking for Amazon’s iPhone app

So a few days ago I saw a link to the HITs for the photo based product search in Amazon’s new iPhone app. And decided it might be fun to do some. And amazon was paying 10¢ a pop, so I thought it might be worth seeing how easy it was. I quickly started seeing patterns on what people were using to app to find many of them were obviously taken at the office and at their desk because trends appeared quickly.

Below is a list of some of the things I saw come up often and some notes about them.

For the watches, I was only able to find an exact match once. And for the coffee cups, never. I found every book someone took a photo of though. Only two photos appeared to come from inside a store.

Item # Notes
Phones 12 Three of them were Blackberries three were iPhones or iPhone boxes and 3 office phones
Watches 10 I was only able to identify one of them
Figurine / Toy 9 Was able to identify about three of them exactly
Mugs, Cups or Glasses 8 Not able to match any
Computers 8 Four were Mac Four were PC. All but one were laptops, the other was an old G4
Books 7 Was able to find them all
Appliances 6
Headphones 6
Candy 5
Water 4
Hard Drive 4 One WD, Two Lacie One Maxtor
Widget 4 Adapters, connectors, etc. was only able to find one audio connector
Household Supplies 3 Lysol, Cleaners, etc
Lotion or Soap 3
Monitors 3
Mouse 3 One Apple, Two Microsoft
Printer 3
Router/Switch 3 Two routers and one switch
Shoes 3
Coke 2 Regular and Coke Zero
Keyboard 2 HP and Logitec
Lamp 2
Other drinks 2 I think they were wine
Posters 2 Was not able to match either
Powertools 2 matched both
Speakers 2 Matched One
Sunglasses 2 No matches
Supliments 2
TV 2 Both HDTV
Video Game Accesories 2 Controller and Memory Card
Water Bottles 2 Found both
Bluetooth Headsets 1
Calculator 1
CDs 1 Portishead – Third
Chairs 1
Clocks 1
Clothing 1 Winter hat
Decoration 1
DVDs 1 It was the closeup of the back of one.
Fan 1
Food 1 Bananas (Amazon only had things made from bananas)
Jewelry 1 A blurry ring
Kleenex 1
Magnets 1
Mailbox 1 A blue Mailbox! It would be illegal for Amazon to sell one!
Memory Card Reader 1
Micrometer 1 Digital
Person 1 It was actually their tie, you could not see their face
Playing Cards 1
Scooter 1
Sculptures 1
Software 1 A Garageband Jam Pack
Stocking 1
Sun 1
Video Cameras 1
Video Games 1 Guitar Hero On Tour
Walkie Talkies 1
iPod Touch Screenshots 1