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Tony’s Girl Trouble (Marleys Girl)

Shit. That same cock blocking asshole from the Moosejaw who was at the Boat is here, with her.

Tony sent me an e-mail asking me to make an illustration for a true story he wrote out about him trying to get together with a girl at the bar’s in the Dells. So, I sat down and made this in about 3 hours. Stayed up way to late ;).

I have no clue what the guy, or girl look like. So I just did what I felt for them. And Tony… I can’t say that necessarily looks like him. But it gets the point across :).

I’m a Clerk now.

Well, I got the job. Last night I went in for the interview, and started right after it.

I worked with Darryl, and he showed me all the things I gotta do. Nothing too hard, its just remembering them all! I seem to have gotten the hang of the method the Cash Register works in, I just now need to remember where all the buttons are. The manager seems like a really nice person! She is flexible with hours, very trusting, easy to talk to.

And now I work Friday, then saturday and sunday. Then after that I have my first night alone on the 20th. I hope I get things all figured out before then.

Oh, and I am making $7.50 an hour, with it going up to $8.00 an hour after a month! $7.50hr is much more than I got at ace, and $8.00hr is just crazy! At least for a living at home College student. I guess.

And you know, the night before the interview I realised I would essentially be like the guys in ‘Clerks’. After spending a night there, it does feel like that.

Thanks again Darryl for the job!

Snooch to the booch!

Blogging from Willies house!

I am currently at willies home. Blogging.

I got registered for classes today, taking 2 here in Portage. Comm. Skills 2, and Business Math. I atart Aug 30th. Cool beans eh?

We also went to the Dells, and went to this nifty little place called Wizards Quest.

Then we went ate ate the Pizza Pub, Saw Amanda working tonight. She seemed to be working really hard in the kitchen, and could not be our waitress.

After that we went over to Ho-Cunk Casino. No one won much, and I did no gambling. Got free Juice and Coffee though.

Came home, stopped at Dereks mom’s house. And now here I am, up too late for how early we have to get up tomorrow to go to Six Flags.

No spiffy image, because I don’t have Photoshop or Illustrator :).