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Big things in my little corner of World of Warcraft

Well, my last post was about how I was not finding time to play World of Warcraft? This one is quite contrasted to that.

On Sunday night I decided I was going to move OwlBoy from The Reservoir Dogcows to Letum Immortalis.

Here is my post to my fellow Dogcows on the subject:

Last night I decided to go and see if the grass is really Greener on the other side.

I removed Owlboy from the guild, and joined Letum Immortalis with him.

I guess I am looking for the ability to do more raiding. And have been feeling disconnected from the guild in my goals, and ideas. a collection of things brought about this idea of switching guilds, not just one person, or one event. I know I have had my share of moments that have frustrated you too. 🙂

I talked with guild leaders and officers before doing this, I am still not 100% sure about the decision. My alts are being allowed to stay Dogcows. (Owlmoy, Owlvoy, and Pack) So you will still see me. Pack is my bank char, so I will pop on with him frequently. Owlmoy is my priest, and I love playing shadow with him. And Owlvoy just got AOE, and I have always wanted to be able to do ‘real’ AOE.

I am still open to grouping with any of you, so if you ever need a warlock and you see me online, don’t hesitate to ask.

I guess you could say I am a Part-Time Dogcow now. I don’t know how some will like that idea. (100% or nothing) But I hope to have it work out. I feel bad for seemingly trying to get the best of both worlds, so if you do look down on that, I do understand your annoyance.

I was a Dogcow since the original guild charter back in Closed Beta. And have never been in another guild, so at the moment I feel a little odd. I miss you guys, and hope things can stay on good terms.

Heh, I always will have the urge to Moof at people in World of Warcraft, and prolly still will.

One of the Original Moofers saying;



I only got 5 replies, so I don’t know that many will miss me :(.

A new Guild…

I have been raiding Molten Core with Letum Immortalis for awhile now. And I have known many of the members, including Siggy since before it was formed. So I know some of the people.

On my first night with them I was able to go to Molten Core when siggy dropped out. I was able to get my [Felheart Horns]. Been wanting those for awhile now :). They look so cool on a gnome.

The next night I was able to get my [Felheart Robes] from Golemagg! So now with the [Felheart Bracers] I got on a Dogcow raid in MC I have 5 parts of Felheart.

[Felheart Slippers] [Felheart Pants] [Felheart Bracers]
[Felheart Horns] [Felheart Robes]

We then went to Domo, got 2 BoE epic set bracers from the adds! After that we went to Ragnaros. Set up for our practice fight. And killed him on the first try. Letum Immortalis killed him once last week, so this is Letum’s second time. We killed him before the second wave of Sons of Flame too!


Gallery: Letum Immortalis Ragnaros Kill – 9/26/05