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View YouTube in H.264 with an Easy Bookmarklet

Rather recently people have figured out some ways to make YouTube display H.246 video on the site. That method is to add “&fmt=18” to the end of the URL. That works well, but wouldn’t it be better if it could be done with a simple click? For all those who don’t use addons like Greasemonkey or the like, a bookmarklet would be ideal.

Drag the following link up to your bookmarks bar:

YouTube H.264

Click on it when ever you are on a YouTube video page and want some H.264 goodness. Thanks go to Beermatt # for the code.

Update 4.18.08: Wow, the code in the script got eaten by my post, it is now fixed and does actually work.

Bat Hunting at 4:00am

I was reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince last night, and noticed my cat jumping around on the table. Then I noticed the bat… So I went and got my video camera…

Make sure you right click and do a save as to download these videos.
You will find your self waiting for the whole thing to load before being able to view it other wise.

Video: Bat Hunting Large(Right Click; Save As)
Format: H.264/AAC (Quicktime 7) 640×356 Time: 3:49 File Size: 27.68mb

Video: Bat Hunting Small(Right Click; Save As)
Format: H.264/AAC (Quicktime 7) 331×185 Time: 3:49 File Size: 7.06mb

Hosted by Archive.org & OurMedia.org, download speed may be slow, but it is free, and permanent.