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Some Sort of Pun with the Word ‘Steady’

I made a steady cam rig thing! And it seems to work well! I was finding a lot of my footage from the shooting of the behind the scenes stuff of other people’s projects has been really wobbly and shaky. So I decided to try and make a steady cam rig like the one I had read about online a while back. The insurrections I used are by Johnny Lee. He says it costs $14, and mine cost around $12, so it really is rather cheap to make.

I had my brother drill the holes since he was around, and is a bit more handy than me. I used Plastic pipe where I could, but had to use a steel tee connector in the middle. Using plastic caps made it easier to drill into, and lighter. Along with being light, it is also cleaner. Steel pipes have oil all over them to help keep them from rusting.

I plan on using this all weekend as we finish up the filming of everyones movies.

Link: $14 Steadycam The Poor Mans Steadicam

RSS feed of your Xbox 360 Achievements.

yahoo pipe layoutThis Yahoo! Pipes pipe will look at the rss feed for your gamertag from 360voice.com and spit out just the entries where achievements occoured. And it will filter out weekly recaps. This is not an original idea, but it worked out well. And I set up the pipe to accept easy input of your gamertag to use. It is good for places on your own site where you want to bring in a feed of your XBox 360 achievements.

It requires that you are registered with 360voice.com.

Link: Pipes: 360voice Achievements Only