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Yet another Job Application.

Well yesterday on the ‘Wings Run’ I stopped by MATC and picked up an application for a graphic designer position at MATC. Job duties:

Create posters, promotional materials, logos, and other graphic design projects for student life and involvement activities and services.
Develop video bulletin board slide presentations to be broadcast throughout campus.

Among other things…

I am turing the app in tomorrow (as in today, since it is 5:00am), I hope it goes well. Wish me luck! And thanks go to Nick for letting me know about the opening.

Brush Fire!

I was sitting here playing WoW today, and started smelling smoke. At first I thought it was my little heater I have in here with me. I got up, and looked around sniffying the air. Then I noticed the smoke outside my window.

For some reason they were burning brush near the fence in the school yard across the street, and kids were lining up to watch. I find it odd that all the people doing the job are wearing masks, but the kids not need them. They even had a guy across the street in front of my house.