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The Menagerie of William’s Mind

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‘The Menagerie of William’s Mind’

William Lynch: here is your homework:
— A gray wolf standing next to a puddle (on his right side) that has 3 tadpoles in it which are each wearing a snorkel (green, blue, and teal). The gray wolf should be wearing a beanie with alternating colors of orange and purple. On the wolfs left side there should be a bubbler with a giraffe drinking from it kneeling on both its hind and front legs. Sitting on the giraffe’s front left leg should be a beaver with a bright orange cape. On the back of the giraffe there should be a monkey standing on its front legs with a banana in its mouth. Behind everything should be a moon made out of Swiss cheese, there should also be a bite taken out of the top.

Bryan Bortz: omg

I changed some things, like the Giraffe kneeling with all 4 legs to drink, so they would work better. Overall it is interpreted pretty true to the description I think. This is my most complicated Illustrator Project yet.

Illustrator 10 & Photoshop 7