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Watched: War of the Worlds (2005)

Ok, so I said I saw War of the Worlds yesterday.

I thought it was an amazing movie my self. Very scary and quite disturbing at points too. Some panned it due to its ending, and I can see where they are coming from on 2 points there. But I think it’s still a very solid representation of the original as I know it. Tom Cruise was good in it. So was Dakota Fanning, though she is great in anything she does.

Many of the effects were amazing. And the camera work was crazy-cool in some places, notably the highway scene.

I’m personally a little pissed at the people who say Speilberg intentionally tried to remind you of 9/11 or the holocaust. If you see that in the movie, its because thats what you get from it. Thats what it reminds you of. Not necessarily what the director is intending, let alone supposedly exploiting it.

You could look at ID4 and say it has 9/11 imagery. If it had come after 9/11. But that was obviously not intended since the movie came first.