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Well, you are in for a shock next time you see me. I no longer have a beard. Lets get the reactions I had at first out of the way.

My reactions to my de-bearding:

  • Whoa my chin is gone!
  • Whoa I need a haircut too!
  • Whoa I don’t recognize my self!
  • Whoa my face feels funny!
  • Whoa, was this a good idea?
  • Whoa! People are going to freak when they see me!
  • Hmm, I look less manly. Like I needed that…

So I have had a goatee since mid High School.I had full a beard since before the summer of 2005. All the people I have met and know me from MATC in Visual Communications have known me as a bearded fellow. That is a weird concept, and part of why I did not shave, people liked me when I had a beard (not because, just concurrently.) So obviously the beard was not that weird on me.

I never really had a very thick beard on the sides, so it never looked all that great. I get the impression it was not very attractive, and that it was not very professional. I need a haircut to match now. I need a haircut ASAP, maybe shaving it off in the early hours of Christmas was not the best idea. 🙂

And no pictures, It will be fun for the next few months too see peoples reactions. (or down right scary) (Maybe it will come back, or the goatee, Time will tell.) (Wiggling my chin in front of the mirror is like an out of body experience.)


MATC Chicago Trip ’08

Group of Visual Communications Students in front of the metal bean in Chicago

This past thursday was the annual MATC Art Club trip to Chicago. In general the Graphic Design students go, but these past 2 years Emmalee has gotten a group of Visual Communications students to come along.

ViComm students crossing a street - sam looks the most bad ass

This is my third year going on this trip, my first was while I was still in the Graphic Design program, and must have been in Fall ’03. And now ’07, and ’08. This year ended up being the least time spent in The Art Institute of Chicago Museum. At one point while walking around we saw a poster advertising the Field Museum and an exhibit of mythical creatures. When Emmalee saw that she went nuts and decided we should check it out. The day was half over at this point, so most of the rest was used there. Partly looking for Issac, but I won’t get into that.

Bryan Emmalee and Sam

Speaking of looking for someone, I was the doofus who made the busses late to leave this year. The past 2 years they loaded and unloaded in the same spot, this year they had to load in a different spot and I did not catch the notice. I went to where the map said and previous years had gone. I felt so stupid.

vicomm students spelling out vicomm with their bodies

All in all it was a good trip though!

Photo Credits: 1 & 2 – Lucinda, 3 & 4: Emmalee

Burger, Burger, Burger, Burger, pickle! pickle!

Today MATC had an event where the different progams show what they are about to students from highschool who are learning about their options for college. I helped out at the ViComm booth, and sat and drew in Illustrator with a monitor mirroring what I was doing faceing the people coming around to check out the booths. I drew these live in front of people:


duck in landscape

I got quite a few watchers at times. It was cool.