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New Blog Theme!

Just finished installing the new theme I designed for my blog! I think it turned out pretty neat. I like it more than any previous one I have done to date!

In other news, I am currently a cashier at the Petro Iron Skillet. Mah dogs are killin me! But hey, a job is a job they say. And I got one. Now to search for one in my field!

First From Scratch Theme for My Blog

A screenshot of my new WordPress Theme
Here is my first stab at making a theme for my blog that is not a modification of another one. I have made 2 themes previous, one for the Warrior World site and then one recently for Vicomm.org. So I thought it was about time I should make one fore my own site. I have been wanting one for quite some time. Though never sat down to do it.

Now I have, and I think it turned out ok. Nothing too amazing, but it has the footer style I have been wanting for a while, along with other simplifications.

Please let me know what you think, or if you find any bugs. Is the textured background a bit much for the content area? I am thinking about removing it.