15 thoughts on “Snowl Boy

  1. Tony

    No other way to say it: Fucking wierd.

    Interesting though.

    It looks like you are outside the city limits or something….
    Random thoughts on 4 pints of Harp…

  2. Hal

    Hahahaha, I really don’t know what to think about this.

    The owl is nice, but Tim is the best part. That’s how I’d expect him to dress for winter.

  3. Nick S.

    Tony – Clearly faast lives in a place I would LOVE! NO SNOW WITHIN 500 MILES!! It’s like a dream come true!

  4. Tony

    Mammoth ski area is one of the best ski and snowboard resorts in North America. They were open for skiing until the Fourth of July. Its a 5-6 hour drive from LA and just over 300 miles.

    (url made tiny by moderator, long mapquest link)

    Even Nick can’t escape from the snow…he can just live within driving distance of it.

  5. Nick S.

    Damnit, I’ve been FOILED AGAIN… I’ll get you next time Gadget… NEXT TIME!! *slams fist onto desk*

  6. faast

    i go to mammoth… but up until now… not enough for a decent snowboarder to actually call it snow… 12″ of snow is the kind you scrape your board on rocks!

  7. Jeffrey

    Out here in California the snow has been quite lame, I agree with faast. We’re having some good storms this week so HOPEFULLY there will be some good white stuff dropping.

    Anywayz – OB, that is one sick snow dude. Nice work you two. Hoot!

  8. Tony

    Wow….that is a bad year. Especially compared to last year when mammoth had several feet at the base by the end of november didn’t they?

  9. faast

    whooot, im in Mammoth!
    sweet snow…. horrible blizard winds….

    but good day snowboarding….
    already have my daypass for tomorrow


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