Warm for Wisconsinites

Today was a great day outside, we had the windows open all day. It was about 49-50Ëš outside!!! Now for many of you who don’t live up here in Wisconsin, you would be freezing, but for us this is quite pleasant.

I see lots of cars driving by with the windows down… and just last weekend it was snowing like crazy.

Now to get back to working on my ‘Lost’ Beard…

5 thoughts on “Warm for Wisconsinites

  1. Nick S.

    I definately had the patio door open today… it’s SO nice out… and I was driving w/ the window down in the car… beautiful weather!

  2. Tony

    I worked in a T-sihrt all day, including walking around outside. Too bad my other job is ski industry. People were thinking about Bikes, not snowboards today.

  3. Nick S.

    ANOTHER warm day for us.. I’m going to chicago and it will be *60*!! Break out the shorts, summer is here!

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