Ever seen a Fritter Tree?

I am looking though a bunch of my old CD-Rs right now. Finding crappy MP3s, old videos, old art and work… I came across my backups of some of my Myth mapmaking work.

Near the end of my run tinkering with Myth and Myth II in terms of creating maps and plugins for it I attempted to make new sprites. Myth was a game that was pseudo-3D. The ground was a 3d mesh, and then the trees and characters and such were sprites that simulated 3D objects. Most of the sprites for trees and stuff were just single views that stayed with the camera. Thus being the easiest to make since they only needed one view to be made.

Fritter Tree

I would have to say that turned out pretty good. According to the Modification date on the file, I made that on Dec 27, 2000 at 2:28pm. This is when I was still in high school, and way before any of my schooling. Back when I was teaching my self these things.

I am still digging though all these CD-Rs, so expect a few more “relics” to show up 🙂

2 thoughts on “Ever seen a Fritter Tree?

  1. vinylrake


    I was doing a search for some old Myth sites and stumbled across your ‘ever-seen-a-fritter-tree’ webpage – was wondering if you ever ‘released’ this tree to the public? and/or whether you found any other ‘goodies’ you never released? Would love to make whatever you have available to the mapmaking commuunity – (yes, there are still some people making maps in the Myth world)

    Hope to hear from you,


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