7 thoughts on “XBox 360: Gamertag

  1. OwlBoy Post author

    Well, I won a free year of it, so I have WoW untill Sept of 2007 like it or not :).

    I will definetly be trying to get my Gamerscore up though 🙂 I am liking that too much.


  2. Jeffrey

    ack… it ate my comment.

    Anyway, we should hook up on some co-op GoW or Uno. I have a free code for Uno if you need a full version. It’s good to just hang out and shoot the breeze.

    Gamerscore is a cool feature, pointless but fun none the less 🙂

  3. OwlBoy Post author

    Woot Uno! I want that really bad 🙂 I would love a code. Can you send it through live?

    Sadly, I have only one game I own for the 360 so far, and that is MotoGP 🙁 Due to some unlucky purchasing, that is the game I got in my bundle. I would have been fine with ANY other bundle game but this one. It sucks so much unless you LOVE that kind of sport.


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