Grund des Gottes!

[14:43] -SpyFunk- in or out for god sakes
[14:43] -SpyFunk- like my parents told me when i was 6 years old
[14:45] -OwlBoy- “god sakes”
[14:45] -OwlBoy- ain’t it for “gods sake”
[14:45] -OwlBoy- Sake: a reason for wanting something done
[14:45] -OwlBoy- and I guess ‘gods’ should be ‘God’s’
[14:46] -OwlBoy- or, it has been mis-pronounced all this time and it is Gods Sake, a Japanese rice wine
[14:47] -OwlBoy- In german! ‘Grund des Gottes’

2 thoughts on “Grund des Gottes!

  1. Tony

    Dude…you ok? You seem like you are going off the deep end translating that one…

    See you in a month.

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