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Golf Cart Fun


I went camping this weekend with my family to Jellystone Camping Resort near Warrens Wisconsin. We have been going there for years, and recently we have been getting golf carts each year to get around the park since it is getting so big. They are quite popular and a common sight all over the Resort.

Well this year Tim came along for 2 of the days. And on the first we went out with my brother Justin on the golf cart to look around the park and show Tim what was around and where things were, and just to see what was new. Justin was driving since Tim and I did not did not have wrist bands to drive the carts yet.

It was all great and fine till we went up a huge paved hill near the villas in the back, and then started to come back down… These golf carts get going VERY fast down hills. Most of that area is still under construction so not everything is neat and cleaned up yet. Kind of near the bottom Justin spotted a patch of gravel that was covering half the road on the right side.

He swerved to the left to miss it.

Overcorrected to the right.

Went back to the left, now on the 2 right wheels. Went for a few feet.

BAM! We hit the ground, or rather me. The cart fell onto the passengers side (where I was sitting). I fell out during the fall and the cart landed on top of me. We slid for about 10 feet with the cart pressing me down. Tim says Justin bounced off of me and he hopped off the back. They quickly lifted the cart off of me. I stayed on the ground for a bit just moaning in pain, more so in shock and not about to move around. After a bit I got my self up and drove us back to the camp site. The whole way was Justin trying to come up with a story we could tell so no one would get in trouble.

My left foot got all twisted and painful, while my right knee got bruised up bad on the side. I ripped up my shirt and scrapped up my left elbow and hip during the slide. Nothing broken though, and I did not hit my head. But damn was I in pain and walking like a moron the rest of the weekend. At this point by foot feels pretty good, but the right leg is still really sore and stiff.

In the end we all find it quite funny, we did not get in trouble with the park since the Gold cart did not suffer any damage (mainly because I padded its fall) and no one but another group coming back up the hill on their golf cart saw us. It musta been hilarious to watch us swerving down the hill. Had we not fallen over I think we would have ran into them.

Here are some pictures of the back of my shirt(s).