Been working.

Still working at SVA, not been too creatively motivated after work when doing it for 8 hours during the day. Quite a lack of updates here.

I will be starting school the last week of August and am looking forward to that greatly.

I had a small severe bout of depression this Monday, I woke up from a dream that made me feel so lonely and depressed I did not have the energy to even get out of bed. I know when it is plainly written like that, it seems impossible to feel that shitty, but it is. Hopelessness is quite heavy. Because of this I missed 2 days of work. The good news is I am feeling much better, and my boss was quite understanding about it. Along with my co-workers. Marcomm dept ftw.

In other matters

Sheep in the Big city is so damn punny.
Halo 3 will be amazing.
Heat sucks.