Kadie and His Ears

Today I was sitting in the living room and Kadie came and hopped into my lap purring and rubbing against me. Eventually she got comfy and sat there purring for a bit. Every so often Kadie would shake his head and I at this point remembered the ear mites, and that we had some stuff for it.

I asked my mom to get it out for me so I did not have to get up and displace Kadie. I needed to look at the back for the directions, and as I was reading them Kadie sat up and started sniffing the package, still purring. Slowly with some intense sniffing Kadie stopped purring and started looking for an escape. He knew what was coming and jumped down and wandered away. I followed him around till he got in my bed, and then was finally able to administer the drops. I rubbed his ears for a bit when done. Kadie is now somewhere upstairs shunning his usual spot on my bed to sleep/hang out.

And that is my livejournal post for the week :).