Commuter Friendships

Obligatory “long time no update” sentence. So that last post I made was done after visiting Hal up in Minnesota. I decided to go up and visit one week in early august. Spent some money on gas and headed up. Saw some cool open mic stuff at a bar, saw the majority of Black Adder and went tubing on a river. Oh, and saw the coolest junk/parts shop ever.

Also that month I went to three different weddings. First up was Tony’s, it was at Devils Head and was the first wedding of a friend my age I had ever attended. I ended up recording the audio for the wedding ceremony to put it with the video. It turned out pretty well.

Tony had Swing Crew at his wedding, and it was epic. I had a lot of fun, drank a bit too much, and ended the night in a really crazy way. Ask me in person if you wanna hear details. Safe to say I was “that guy” that wedding.

Next up was Abby’s wedding. This one I was filming. So I set up cameras and filmed the ceremony, speeches etc. I am totally failing at getting the video finished though (sorry Abby! I swear it will be done soon!). That one was fun too, saw people from MATC for the first time in a long time. Got to meet some new people, and sleep in an awkward hotel room. Less craziness, but still some interesting stuff.

Last but not least was Darryl and Leda’s wedding. For this one I found out at Tony’s wedding that I was going to be in it. This was the first wedding that I was not an usher or ring bear in, and it turned out to be a lot of fun. I don’t think I ever have stood so still while sweating so much as during that ceremony. Met some new people, and some I had again not seen in awhile. Ended up participating in the making of a nasty mountain of pizza in Darryl’s fridge. I also saw Lake Michigan for the first time too.

In September with the help of Bess I was able to get a new job at a UW Extension that makes online courses. This job is in addition to my other two (Budget Bicycle Center and Iron Skillet) so no full time benefits or anything, but it is a start. I am dropping Iron Skillet down though. I work nearly full time at the other two jobs now and don’t really want to give up my weekends no more. Meh.

I also went to Wo Zah Wah in the Dells and hung out with Tony and some other people. I am really noting a pattern in how might nights end though. I need to stop bringing electronic devices with me.

Despite anything you might have read on twitter, I am making progress in sorting out my life. I just need to keep at it, and try to practice the advice I get.

I am noticing I seem to have commuter friendships. I drive long distances just to hang out, or to attend things. Thats just how I roll I guess. So if you ever need to talk or hang out, but I am 30 mins or so away, give me a call anyway. The ole Oldsmobile is up for it.

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