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‘Spider-man 3 The Game’ Sucks 3 Parts of Ass.

I recently had the displeasure of playing Spider-man 3 The Game on my XBox 360. I had never taken the time to try the last 2 versions of this game when they were out last generation, but I heard good things about them. So when I started hearing reviews about the newest in the line I thought they were just being hard on it because it was not much different from the previous ones.

Nope, this one sucks 3 parts of ass. The camera sucks, and is always spazzing out. The voice acting is lame for most of the characters despite getting the people who portrayed them in the movie to voice the game. You hear the same lines over and over and over. Missions are repetitive and at times stupidly difficult. Like skydiving and jumping onto the top of a speeding car. Along with some fights where the game gives you no way to regain health. The graphics are barely past last generation. The way it makes you watch scenes over and over when you fail at a task, while having dialogs that don’t show the confirmation buttons right away because they assume you will be still smashing the buttons franticly at that point.

The only reason I kept playing was because of the damned achievements! I love achievements, and they kept me playing this frustrating game long past the point I should have. Who ever at Microsoft came up with them is a genius. But damn do they suck when you keep telling your self “ok just one more, then I am done…” and the game you are playing is revolting.

I hear the problems are even worse on the PS3, with all this you have to perform a long install of the game on the PS3 hard drive just to play…

I do have to say, when I first started playing everything seemed ok, and swinging around the city really is fun, but thats about all that I would say good about it.