CONvergence 2008

Moogle Pom

Last weekend I attended CONvergence. This was my first convention ever, and seems to be quite a fun one to start off with.

CONvergence is a convention in the Minneapolis area that is for Sci Fi and Fantasy of all kinds. They have all the normal video rooms, live music, panels on a wide range of topics, along with something more unique. A ton of party tooms. The hotel it is held in is unique with rooms they call cabanas that line both sides of the swimming pool. 40 total , each with unique decoration and people.

I ended up having a great time after I got use to what was going on there. And hope for next year to be even better since I will know how this con works now. I look forward to seeing the friends I made and the people I met again next year. I will definitely being trying to go every year from now on. It was just soo much fun to be around so many people who were like me and into the same things I am. I don’t think I interacted with a single mean/mad/rude person all weekend at CON. On the contrary, many were amazingly cool.

I even adopted a Tribble.

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