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IE Sucks.

The Horror banner For
I just spent an hour playing with CSS to fix the layout on to look right in IE 5.5 and 6.0. It don’t even look like it does in Firefox and Safari. It is just slightly off, and now useable. Designing for multiple browsers should not be an issue too, since there are strict standards.

Browsers like Safari, and Firefox strive to follow them to the letter. While Microsoft seems to care less when it comes to IE. Internet Explorer 7 seems to getting things better though. At least is does transparent PNG files properly. Now if only it was easy to get everyone to upgrade to it.

I started working on this because I popped onto the forums and saw that there were some crazy errors and layout issues regarding the theme. Turns out the host Emmalee is using finally got around to moving us to a new server like he said he would about 2 months ago. Seems it does what he promised though, finally have access to write privileges on the server and it seems a bit faster. And the fix to the theme was just telling it where things were on the new server. It Coulda been worse. He could have nuked our databases.

Once I fixed the issues I decided it was time to fix the errors I saw when the site was used in IE 6. I saw these for the first time when Emmalee was showing the site to some people telling them I made it etc. It was rather frustrating to find out since I had the site looking fine in both Firefox and Safari, and people had told me it looked fine in Internet Explorer.

Well, enough of this rant, I should go to sleep. Seems most of my blog posts are always made at night, when I should be sleeping.

First From Scratch Theme for My Blog

A screenshot of my new WordPress Theme
Here is my first stab at making a theme for my blog that is not a modification of another one. I have made 2 themes previous, one for the Warrior World site and then one recently for So I thought it was about time I should make one fore my own site. I have been wanting one for quite some time. Though never sat down to do it.

Now I have, and I think it turned out ok. Nothing too amazing, but it has the footer style I have been wanting for a while, along with other simplifications.

Please let me know what you think, or if you find any bugs. Is the textured background a bit much for the content area? I am thinking about removing it.

Warrior World has a New Home

I have re-designed the Warrior World information page I had created, and made it more presentable. It will also eventually have videos of each episode I have posted too. Currently it only has a hand full. I have been playing with this off and on for awhile now, and over the past 2 days I managed to get things rolling a bit better on it. I can’t guarantee and speedy updates to the site, but I expect to get it updated when I can.

Link: Warrior World