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Burger, Burger, Burger, Burger, pickle! pickle!

Today MATC had an event where the different progams show what they are about to students from highschool who are learning about their options for college. I helped out at the ViComm booth, and sat and drew in Illustrator with a monitor mirroring what I was doing faceing the people coming around to check out the booths. I drew these live in front of people:


duck in landscape

I got quite a few watchers at times. It was cool.

Dream Entry: August 9, 2005 ‘Green Pepper Coffee’

‘Green Pepper Coffee’

I can only remember one thing about my dreams last night, and that is that I was eating Green Peppers Soaked in Coffee. Green Pepper Slices were soaking in a large metal bowl filled halfway with Coffee.

I remember I liked how it tasted. I am thinking it was Coffee with sugar. I remember it being sweet coffee. And I felt like others thought it was odd.

I’ll have to try it some day.